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It’s What You Do

by Graham The Empire

Release Date (Audio & Video): 02.22.19

Pre-Release Available: 02.01.19

Indie Alternative Rock Trio “Graham The Empire” unveil their latest single from the upcoming EP ‘RYZE’.

Inspired by the intricate and sensual art of the ‘dance’, when two people are attracted but neither can break the palpable tension. The feeling remains to live in perpetual fantasy. But what happens when fantasy becomes reality? “It’s What You Do” explores this notion.

This song was written after a brief stint of touring in 2018.

“You see all of these people that may or may not be flirting with you… may or may not be into you… and you might be into them.” says Graham. “This endless loop remains and feels very unresolved. If there’s (positive) tension, and there usually is, it heightens the sense of anxiety and then is usually left unresolved. You never see or talk to those people ever again. That’’s a feeling that I wanted to capture in a bottle. I think that we were able to do that with this track.”

This track features influences from Graham’s early years including the Talking Heads, trance-like dance beats from LCD Soundsystem, and the untamed guitar playing of late 70s Lindsey Buckingham.

Taking production cues from their upcoming release “RYZE”, "It’s What You Do” was the last track recorded for the EP. “I feel like I started to hit on a style of production at the end of the studio recordings for RYZE.”, says Graham. “I would take the masters home after the band had played together and spend endless hours experimenting alone. Our track “Save Me” saw this weird production style emerge that I really enjoyed. When I wrote ‘IWYD’, I was able to take that idea even further.”

“One of the things you’ll hear in the track is a mix between some modern approaches to vocal production and yet some very raw sounding synths and guitars. I always enjoyed guys like Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac who would be an animal live yet very restrained and refined in the studio. The raw energy that you get from his live guitar playing in the late 70s, though not very precise, is super raw and emotional. I wanted to capture more of a raw performance like on the guitar solo for IWYD instead of endlessly tweaking to perfection which is so easy to do these days. What you get on this track is a very raw sensibility that I think some people will enjoy. Humans crave some degree of imperfection.”

“It’s What You Do” is being released on February 22nd everywhere including a VEVO video to accompany the track.

“That video was a lot of fun to make and really embodied the spirit of the song. I only wish we could have brought in some of those random people who inspired the song…”

You’re going to want to to brace yourself for this one.

“It’s What You Do” is the second single off of the upcoming EP “RYZE”, coming April 2019.

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Mixed by legendary Producer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Pink), Red Oak Studios

Assistant Mix Engineer: Tyler Spratt

Engineered by Graham Z & Dane Clark, Thunderstruck Studios

Produced by Graham The Empire

Vocals / Guitars / Synths / Sequencing: Graham Z

Additional Vocals / Synths / Sequencing: Michael Reed

Drums: Richard Crowe

Artwork: Jesuel Montilla

Video Produced & Directed by Brian Thornburn, Threshold Productions